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Ipswich Democratic Town Committee Officers:
Interim Chair: Joe Bourneuf
Treasurer: Susan Bourneuf
Secretary: Ann Wright

Ipswich Democratic Town Committee Members:

Casey Wright

Ann Wright

Joe Bourneuf

Susan Bourneuf

Ingrid Miles

Jim Stone

Faith Evans

Marilyn Seidler

Wendy Dabcovich

Carolyn Briggs Style

Alec Style

Michael Schaaf

Diane Young

Carol Bousquet

Steve Barnes

Laura Gresch

Who can be a member?

Registered Democrats who live in Ipswich. Membership is limited to 35.

How do I join the Committee?
Regular members join in one of two ways: by being elected to the Committee in the Presidential Primary Election (names are submitted to the Town Clerk for the ballot), or by being elected to the Committee upon attending three meetings, by vote of the committee members.


Associate members are appointed by vote of the Committee. They may attend meetings, but may not vote on committee business or serve as officers.

The term of office for members begins at the first meeting after the Presidential Primary Election (or as soon as they’re elected at a Committee meeting), and ends at the first meeting after the next Presidential Primary Election.


Andrea Lacroix

Leigh Mantoni-Stewart

Nicole Whitten

Iris Doucette

Ann Fisher

Christine Sandulli

Paula Jones

David Russell


Lifetime members:

Patience Wales

Charlotte Eliot

Larry Eliot

Ed Traverso

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