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Ed Traverso 1928 - 2023

Ed was a lifetime member of the IDTC. He contributed his passion and expertise over the years. Read about his long life >


"When my late husband, Knowles Pittman, and I first moved to Ipswich in 1990 and joined the IDTC, we immediately became aware that Ed Traverso was the man to listen to. He was an educator in every sense of the word. But first he educated himself. Ed always knew what he was talking about. If we wanted to know how to involve young people in getting out the vote, listen to Ed. If we wanted to make sure there was transparency in local government, listen to Ed. If we wanted to help the IDTC elect Democrats all over the country, listen to Ed who at different times was chair and later secretary. And, most titillating, he had first-hand memories of the John Updike "Couples" days! He was even good at being a husband (with an artist wife) and father. He said to me once, "Every father should have a daughter like Maria." When I repeated that to his daughter, Maria, she answered: "Every daughter should have a father like mine." RIP Ed, at last."

– Patience Wales


"Ed had monthly visits to the Sisters to discuss politics for two years before COVID.  He always had an interesting topic to talk about and was well prepared bringing an article or two about front-page news. As many of us know, Ed loved to talk and his history teaching background allowed him to parallel the past with the present. He was never at a loss for words and could discuss just about any subject. The Sisters looked forward to his visits. He will be missed."

– Laura Gresh

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