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Want to help Democratic candidates in the upcoming elections? Get how-to information here!

Write postcards. Here is a link for postcard writing, join Swing Left North Shore >


Donate. Campaigns have to make spending decisions, The more they have to work with, the easier it is for them to get out the votes. Four among the many good options are Movement Voter ProjectProgressive MassActBlue, and Four Directions.

Write letters to the editor. Make your voice heard about candidates you support and issue that matter to you.

Join a phone bank and more. Get training and information about organizations and events at Mobilize >

Get narrative training.  How we communicate matters. "Join us as we discuss how we can frame our issues and promote progressive values in a way voters will embrace. Each workshop will provide background information, provide examples of good and bad messaging and time to discuss messaging on current topics," at an online training session hosted by Mobilize >

Any action is a good action, We recommend doing what you are most comfortable with. But please participate in getting out the vote, and please encourage others to do so.

And here are some other organizations to volunteer for or donate to:

Swing Blue Alliance

Hand-selected important actions you can take to swing the 2024 election.

Postcards to Swing States

Write free postcards to voters in 11 key states.

Field Team 6

Help register Democrats.

Vote Forward

Write personal handwritten letters to voters.

Environmental Voter Project

Help mobilize environmental voters.

Grandmothers for a Brighter Future

Volunteer to send targeted postcards.

Healthcare Leaders for Democracy

Co-Sponsor Movement Voter PAC's campaign to ensure quality, equitable healthcare.

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