The Transition

Joint Session of Congress for Counting of Electoral College Ballots

The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate meet in a joint session to tally the results of the Electoral College ballots for president and vice president in the 2020 election.

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Airing Details

  • Jan 06, 2021 | 12:35pm EST | C-SPAN 1

  • Jan 06, 2021 | 1:00pm EST | C-SPAN RADIO

  • Jan 06, 2021 | 8:00pm EST | C-SPAN 1

Watch the electoral college proceedings, December 14th at 2:30pm
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"The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution."

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"Fauci says he accepted Biden's offer to serve as chief medical adviser 'right on the spot'"
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"Biden taps Brian Deese to lead National Economic Council"
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"Harris taps women of color for key senior staff positions"
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"Biden chooses an all-female senior White House press team"
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U.S. General Services Administration acknowledges Biden's win and begins the transition.
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"G.M. Drops Its Support for Trump Climate Rollbacks and Aligns With Biden"