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More than 60 people gathered at Gathr in Ipswich on Friday, November 16th to celebrate State Representative Kristin Kassner’s birthday and to kick off her re-election campaign.


Laura DiPersia and Anya Ciarametaro of Rowley MC’d the event, and residents of all the towns of the 2nd Essex District (Hamilton, Ipswich, Rowley, Georgetown, Newbury, and Topsfield) mingled, ate, and drank while raising funds to support Kristin’s candidacy in the November 2024 election. 

     Several colleagues of Kristin’s from the State House spoke emphatically about how impressive and impactful she has been in her first year on the job. Representative Manny Cruz said, “She's passionate about collaboration-–bringing us together around important issues on the North Shore." Representative Jenny Armini exclaimed, “Kristin gets things done! She is a trusted colleague I go to for advice. We need to keep her in the House because I could not do my job as well without her."

     Why did all these people decide to spend their Thursday night at this event instead of doing other things?

     Paul Chang of Rowley explained that from his perspective, “She has done everything that she promised to do as far as I can see.”

     Louise Vose from Ipswich offered, “Kristen is passionate and practical at the same time. She’s been a breath of fresh air.”

     Nancy Stehfest of Hamilton’s reasoning was straightforward, “I worked on her first campaign, and I’m looking forward to seeing her have a second term.”

     To Bill Danner of Byfield, “She’s one of the more energetic people on the North Shore, and she has fought hard. Her agenda is quite regional and quite topical for what needs to be done here.”   

     Ipswich’s Randa Tenney shared, “I am supporting Kristin because she is a collaborator and active listener in our communities! She then develops a plan to introduce legislation that will help solve problems (like water, climate change, and housing)!”

     Gabby Ramasci, a college student who is an intern for Representative Kassner, told me, “I think her background of being a planner  is such an interesting perspective to have and she’s utilizing it well in her position.”

     In her remarks, Representative Kassner described specific legislation that has been passed and is pending in Massachusetts and in Washington that improves people’s lives by addressing workforce training, tax reform, common sense gun reform, wage equity, and long-term care for elders. “There are so many other things as well,” she said, “mental health, education, childcare,

transportation, climate, the environment and of course water…” She has eleven bills currently pending in the legislature that address ecosystems, infrastructure, housing, and keeping Massachusetts competitive.

     In reference to her one-vote margin in the 2022 election, Kristin said, “Raise your hand if you voted in this district! Because of each of you, every single one of you here can say: You are ‘The one.’” 

     But this time, she urged the attendees, “We need to win by thousands!”

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